An open letter on the state of the DC Nation

Dear DC,
When I was younger, I and many others watched your shows religiously. From the old-timers who watched Adam West’s Batman, or the Superfriends, to my generation’s Batman The Animated Series, down to the new Generation’s Young Justice. We were big fans, the biggest. So, collectively, we have to ask, “What are you doing?” DC Nation could be the largest, and best cartoon block on television. We know you can do better, but maybe you just need a push. So here are a few suggestions for you to build on.
I want to start by pointing out that not all your viewers are little kids. There are many, like myself, who have been enjoying your product for years. Yes, the kids will buy the breakfast cereals, and the Super Street Louge Batman figurines, and I understand that’s where the money is, but the older generation still buys dvd’s, hats, shirts, comics, figurines. We propagate the species, bringing in friends, relatives, and children. In the past, your most successful series did not need to be watered down for the kids, Batman the animated series was dark, gritty, and ran for over eighty episodes. It was so successful that you added Harley Quinn to the comic book canon. Justice League ran for 5 seasons. Static Shock, and Batman Beyond are still loved by many. Just look at the outrage over canceling Young Justice and Green Lantern. Something to think about while you read on.
Why only stick to an hour? This is the mighty DC Nation! Backed by Warner Brothers, you could dominate Saturday mornings. There’s certainly no end to the list of shows in your arsenal. Look at the list of shows you could put into reruns, or work on new episodes for:
Teen Titans
Batman: The Animated Series
Superman: The Animated Series
Justice League
Young Justice
Green Lantern: The Animated Series
Static Shock
Batman Beyond
Batman The Brave and the Bold

And all the new shows you can bring to life:
Green Arrow: The Animated Series
The Flash: The Animated Series
The Outsiders
Teen Titans Go
Beware the Batman
Justice League International
Earth 2
Secret Six

Many of these can be used to generate interest in the comic versions of the characters involved. (Something that might help in the war with Marvel). Some can be more kid friendly, some can be geared more for the older generation. Be creative. You may be thinking to yourself, “This is just some guy, it doesn’t matter what he thinks.” Well, it does, because I’m not alone. We are the DC Nation, and we are dwindling in number.

The DC Nation


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