Robert Downey Jr. Hints At A Possible Return As Tony Stark After IRON MAN 3

Robert Downey Jr. Hints At A Possible Return As Tony Stark After IRON MAN 3.


Dossier: Chris Claremont

Name: Chris Claremont

Age: 62

Job: Writer

Debut: X-Men 59 (Plot Assist Credit), Daredevil 102 (First Official Scripting)

Notable Work: 17 years worth of Uncanny X-Men, including the Dark Phoenix Saga, and Days of Future Past.


Claremont did not initially think of comics as the path his career would take. He began as a major in both political science and acting at Bard College. Over time, he began to write novels on the side, hoping to become a director. As an undergrad, he was hired as a gofer for Marvel, giving his first real exposure to the comics creation process. He received an early writing credit on X-Men number 59, and was soon given his first fledgling title, Iron Fist, on which he collaborated with John Byrne.

Within the next few years, Len Wein, then editor-in-chief, noticed Claremont’s attraction to the new X-Men characters that Wein himself had helped to create. Claremont was given control over the X-Men, a failing series at the time. Claremont’s writing style developed much like method acting, where he examined the motivation and psychology of each individual character, as well as their relationships to each other. His writing style struck home with the readers, saving the floundering series from extinction (Get it? X-Tinction?). Over his 17 year run on the book, Claremont created some of the most popular and influential story-lines (“God Loves, Man Kills” aka the plot of X-2, “The Dark Phoenix Saga”, and Days of Future Past). Claremont is also responsible for the creation of dozens of popular x-men characters, including my favorite marvel couple Gambit and Rogue.

In ’91, Claremont launched the companion title to Uncanny X-Men. X-Men #1 sold over 8.1 million copies, and is in the Guinness Book or World Records for the best selling comic of all time. Its because of Claremont’s unique writing perspective that the X-Men became the classic heroes that they are today. Claremont’s soap-opera-y writing style revolutionized comics, and added quite a bit of depth to the X-Men roster.


Chris Claremont’s Character Creations