Deadpool Web Series

Deadpool Web Series

Fans to the rescue! Deadpool has his own webseries now. The first episode was very reminiscent of classic Deadpool, and revolves around the Merc with a Mouth and Typhoid Mary, with appearances by a few other characters that you’ll recognize.


2 comments on “Deadpool Web Series

  1. Veronica Vargas says:

    Unfortunately, the Deadpool Webseries was taken off of youtube just 2 days shy of Episode 2 being on youtube by Marvel claiming copyright issues. Being that it is a fan film with no profit, no personal gain & no monetization from youtube the fans of the webseries, as well as fans of Blinky Productions fans films as a whole, have started an online petition to restore this webseries and the other 14 Marvel fan films by Blinky Productions that Marvel has taken down due to copyright issues (yet, the Elektra fan film by Blinky Productions was favorited and featured on Marvel’s youtube channel for years). In this petition the fans are hoping not only to restore Blinky Productions fan films, but in the hopes that this weill not happen to ANY other fan films. Please sign and share if you can:

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