Dossier: Thanos


Name: Thanos

Approximate Age:

Species: Titan Eternal

Height: 6’7”

Weight: 985 lbs

Approximate Lifting Strength:A lot, a whole lot, immeasurable as far as I know

Powers and Abilities: Immortality, superhuman physiology, psionic and cosmic blasts, energy absotption, invulnerable to most psychic attack, master strategist, adept in sciences and mysticism, also big and scary.

Created By: Jim Starlin

Publisher: Marvel Comics

Debut: Iron Man #55 Feb, 1973 (Bronze Age)

Portrayed on Screen By: Damion Poitier


Have you seen the Avengers yet? Are you sure? All of it? If not, stop reading and go see it. I’m not responsible for anything that happens if you keep on reading and you haven’t seen the movie. Seriously, you were warned.

So, now that that is out of the way, I guess I can speak freely. Thanos is the purple guy from the end of the Avengers. If you didn’t know that, and nobody shouted “Oh my God, its Thanos” after the credits, then this is probably going to clear up a lot of confusion for you. Thanos was born on Titan, one of Saturn’s moons. He was born to a race called the Eternals, and he share many powers and abilities with the Eternals of Earth. Unfortunately, Thanos was born horribly mutated. His large size and ugly appearance made him an outcast from his own kind. When he was originally created, Starlin made him small, thin, and he looked rather like Metron, one of Jack Kirby’s New Gods. Starlin showed the character to his editor, Roy Thomas, and Starlin said “Beef him up! If you’re going to steal one of the New Gods, at least rip off Darkseid, the really good one!” As far as I know, no one ever told Kirby that part.

Back in the land of fiction, Thanos fell in love with the female embodiment of Death and to impress her, he started a war on Titan that killed nearly all of his kind. It was kind of a dick move. After this, Thanos heads to earth in search of the Cosmic Cube (that glowy blue thing from Captain America). He uses the cube to become omnipotent and then uses the power to dick around with Captain Marvel (noticing a pattern yet?). Captain Marvel, the Avengers, and a Titan made super-computer eventually take down Thanos by destroying the Cosmic Cube.

After this little setback, Thanos unites Adam Warlock’s Soul Gem with the other infinity gem. A plan that gets him turned to stone. Thanos comes back and this time uses the Infinity Gems to form the Infinity Gauntlet, does the omnipotent thing again, and proves his love for Death by wiping out half the living things in the universe. This is promptly reversed by Adam Warlock, who reveals that Thanos doesn’t think he deserves ultimate power anyway, and that’s why he keeps getting his ass kicked. Thanos has gone on to a number of other interesting adventures (except the Infinity Crusade, which did have Thanos, but was not interesting).


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