Dossier: John Constantine


Name: John Constantine

Approximate Age: 59 (Born 1953)

Height: 6’0

Weight: Average Build

Approximate Lifting Strength: 150-200lbs

Powers and Abilities: healing properties and age management due to partial demon blood. This also gives him a defense against vampires. Ultimate Con Man. Various magics, including stage magic. Synchronicity, Real Time Aging

Created By: Alan Moore, Steve Bisette, John Totleben

Publisher: Vertigo, DC

Debut: Swamp Thing Vol 2. 37 (1985)

Portrayed on Screen By: Keanu Reeves, unfortunately

Fan Casting: Sting (not the wrestler) Misha Collins, Christopher Eccleston, Hugh Laurie, David Tennant.

John Constantine is what happens when you put all your points into Charisma and Arcane Knowledge. Constantine was created on a whim by writer Alan Moore, who simply wanted to make a character that looked like Police frontman Sting. Not only is he a master magician, but he has been able to manipulate even Superman and Batman. Since his debut in 1985, Constantine has managed to con, cheat, or magic his way through just about any situation, with one notable exception. In the early days of his career, Constantine performed a failed exorcism on a nightclub in Newcastle, inadvertently allowing a demon he summoned to drag a child to hell with it. Constantine had a nervous breakdown because of this and spent many years in a mental hospital. Another storyline famous in the world of Constantine was titled “Dangerous Habits” and was adapted into that shitty Keanu Reeves movie. Constantine, dying of lung cancer, promises his soul to each of the three rulers of hell separately. When John then commits suicide, the three rulers come forth to claim his soul, however, because none of them want to give up their claim to another, they are forced to bring John back to life, curing his lung cancer in the process. John extended his middle finger in thanks. Because of his adult nature, Constantine has been mostly relegated to DC’s Vertigo label, which deals with occult themes and “adult situations.” This, however is not what makes Constantine unique. First, Constantine is unusual among comic creations in that he shows real time aging. In the first year of his series, John celebrated his 35th birthday, 5 years later, he turned 40, although it unclear how his aging will be managed in his New 52 series. The second thing that makes Constantine unique is that creator Alan Moore claims to have met him shortly after his creation. Moore was sitting in a sandwich bar when, up the stairs, comes John Constantine. A man with short blonde hair wearing a trench coat. Moore claims the man turned as he walked past, giving Moore a knowing smile and then disappeared around a corner. Constantine is most noted for his frequent work with the Swamp Thing, even being possessed by the Swamp Thing in order to sire a daughter named Tefé. Constantine’s long running series will end in mid-January, to be replaced with a New 52 Series that promises to keep some of his edge to it.


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