Captain America Profile


Name: Steven Rogers

Approximate Age: 90 (Born 1922)

Height: 6’2

Weight: 220 lbs

Approximate Lifting Strength: 1,200 lbs

Powers and Abilities: Super Soldier Serum granted peak physical condition. Expert Tactician. Expert Martial Artist.

Created By: Joe Simon, Jack Kirby

Publisher: Timely Comics, Marvel Comics

Debut: Captain America Comics #1, March 1941 (Golden Age)

Portrayed on Screen By: Reb Brown (1979 and sequel), Matt Salinger (1990), Chris Evans (2011 and Sequels)

Fan Casting: Chris Evans, Robert Sean Leonard, Arron Eckhart


Steve Rogers was born and raised in New York, New York and grew up in the family of young Irish Immigrants. However, Steve’s father died early on, and his mother passed away when Steve was in his early teens, leaving him orphaned. By the early 1940’s Steve held a promising career as Joe Simon…I mean a promising comic book illustrator. Unlike real life Joe Simon, however, Steve gave up his career for a life of punching Nazis. When the United States entered World War Two (or “The big one” as your grandfather might refer to it) skinny Steve Rogers volunteered for a top secret project that scientifically turned him from a scrawny teen into a man, a big strong man. Unfortunately, everyone concerned with the project died, except for the few scientists that crop up as plot devices from time to time. Some time after personally punching Hitler in the face, Steve and his young ward partner Bucky squared off against the Red Skull, the antithesis of Captain America. The battle would leave Steve frozen in ice for decades, until discovered by the Avengers. Cap would go on to be one of the most beloved leaders of the Avengers on and off for years. Steve has fought over the years for truth, freedom, and liberty, even after abandoning the American government to make his way as Nomad. In recent years Steve has given up the mantle of Captain America, passing the torch on to his young protege Bucky Barnes. Over the years, Captain America has wielded more than just his trusty shield, including the Infinity Gem that controls time, a Stark Tech exoskeleton, and Thor’s hammer Mjolnir. After over 70 years in production, Captain America is truly Marvel’s ultimate Avenger.


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